B&S Warehousing GmbH broadens the services offered by the B&S Logistik Group

B&S Warehousing GmbH erweitert das Angebot der B&S Logistik Gruppe

By founding B&S Warehousing, with business premises in Schwanenstadt, Upper Austria, the B&S Logistik Group has expanded the range of services it offers. The warehousing business, a legally completely independent Company headquartered in Vienna, goes into operation in July 2019.

Approval for the construction of a warehouse with 6,000 m2 of storage space was granted by Schwanenstadt in April 2019. A further 4,000 m2 of storage place are in the planning stage.

The warehouse has a covered rail-track connection and loading ramps for trucks and will be equipped to the current technical standards for storage. It willl be able to store a range of products from fiber and pulp bales to paper rolls and pallets. Conversion work for the enclosure of the siding is already in full swing, while conversion work for the warehouse begins in week 23.

Its managing director is the current Office manage and authorized representative of the Company, Mr. Gerhard Gattinger, who will continue to contribute his know-how to the main company, B&S Logistik.