B&S Logistik GmbH sets the signals for the future

Walter Leitgeb is preparing gradually for his withdrawal: Manuela Prenner, Gerhard Gattinger and Martin Kausal are his successors. With the approaching semi-retirement of its leading partner, Walter Leitgeb, in April 2018, B&S Logistics is preparing to place its business direction and strategic development in new hands. From March 2018, the company secretary Manuela Prenner MA, currently on maternity leave, will receive support from Gerhard Gattinger and Martin Kausal in both business direction and strategic development. In the coming years, Walter Leitgeb will gradually withdraw from the operational side of the business, however, he will continue to carry on with his current functions. Leadership of the business will thus pass to three logistics experts from within the branch and to its well-established co-workers in the firm. Well-entrenched in the market, the Vienna-based forwarding company, with its special focus on rail logistics, will remain true to its basic values of customer- and quality oriented service. Walter Leitgeb, the leading partner sees this as securing the strategic and entrepreneurial future of the firm.   You can read the complete press release here: http://www.oevz.com/news/bs-logistik-gmbh-stellt-weichen-fuer-die-zukunft/