All aboard for ‘green logistics’: clean, simple and solution-oriented

Meeting the demand for warehouse logistics from regional customers is the core business of B & S Warehousing GmbH. The concept is based on an entirely newly-renovated warehouse which has been adapted to customer requirements, complete with a rail siding. And the first result of this rail and environmental investment is a strategic service contract with Lenzing AG. By ‘green logistics’, Walter Leitgeb, the managing partner of B & S Logistik GmbH, means environmentally-friendly transport logistics by rail — with upstream and downstream services in the areas of handling, storage, order picking and, if required, distribution. «All these services, organized by my team, enable our customers to focus on their core business.» With this motto underpinning its strategy the company, founded in 2007, has come a long way. Taking into account its new subsidiary, B & S Warehousing GmbH, the team now consists of almost 30 employees, who together generate around 30 million euros in annual sales. In an interview with the Österreichische Verkehrszeitung, Walter Leitgeb explained how the 100% independent company relies on its network of long-term partnerships with wagon hire companies, national railway companies and private operators, warehouses and various transshipment companies. This method enables B & S Logistik to develop, implement and supervise logistical solutions right across Europe – including the Baltic States and far beyond the Russian borders. «We organize integrated transport solutions from the loading points of the senders to their specific destinations, as required. We offer this service in the form of individual one-stop solutions, so that customers can concentrate on their core business,» he added. In this way, his company moves over 1 million tons of goods per year by rail, with the prospect of much more to come. To further this process, several important steps were taken in 2019. Thus, Walter Leitgeb has organized his own succession within the management. His son Lukas Leitgeb, MSc will be preparing for this role as Operations Manager over the next two years. He receives support from the firm’s authorized signatories, Manuela Prenner, M.A., Ing. Martin Kausal and Gerhard Gattinger. All three of them possess many years of experience in rail logistics. SCHWANENSTADT: On September 12th, this expansionary move was supplemented with the official opening by B & S Warehousing GmbH of its first, self-managed logistical facility. In the initial stage, the site in Schwanenstadt is supporting the firm’s customer, Lenzing AG, in its global expansion plan. This Austrian producer of fibres, pulp and, as a by-product sodium sulphate, is enjoying steady growth. In order to be able to continue its development, Lenzing AG must rely on external warehouses. Moreover, it wanted its transport logistics to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, for which purpose rail transport is predestined. However, this requires storage locations with sidings, and these are limited along the Westbahn (western rail) trunk line in the Vöcklabruck district. One of these locations was the former Inku hall in Schwanenstadt, which the head of the Salzburg office of B & S Logistik, Gerhard Gattinger, had been keeping an eye on for a while. However, he also knew that the 6,000-square-metre hall required a thorough refurbishment to make it suitable for a warehouse logistics project for a customer such as Lenzing AG, or for companies in the paper industry. What many would have thought impossible a year ago is today a reality. After a total investment of more than 3 million euros, the former Inku hall now stands spick and span, as the property of B&S Warehousing GmbH, ready to provide demand-oriented, environmentally-friendly handling solutions for groups of customers from the areas of Wels and Vöcklabruck. With its rail connection and its completely weather-protected capacity for loading and unloading up to five, four-axle wagons (totalling 130 metres), it fits seamlessly into B & S Logistik’s strategy of expanding its activities in the field of green logistics. Thus, in 2020 alone it will be able to provide logistical processes for around 2,500 wagon loads for the main customer Lenzing AG. What railway logistics is capable of achieving today is also well-illustrated by the example of Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf.  This company is one of the largest manufacturers of corrugated base paper in Europe, and thus is one of the beneficiaries of the booming trend for e-commerce. The more people are ordering online, the more packaging is needed in the industries and mail order companies affected by them. Packaging manufacturers expect to have the most environmentally-friendly delivery of corrugated base paper, punctually at agreed times. To meet this requirement, B & S Logistik developed a concept for the North German market, ranging from private wagon delivery via rail transport, including transshipment and intermediate storage in Lübeck, to just in time (JIT) delivery by truck to the destination area. Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf was impressed by the solution and promptly implemented this novel rail and truck concept. © Österreichische Verkehrzeitung