Sustainable goods Transport with B&S Logistik

In the face of climate Change, we use our Expertise to make freight Transport as green as possible. 

Over the last ten years we have specialized more and mote in rail transport. In this way, we are making a contribution to climate protection, because rail transport is shifting traffic from road to rail, which reduces CO₂ emissions. Our solution-oriented Approach serves oth cost efficiency and the preservation of our living space. 

Sustainability is very important to us. That’s why we’re constantly working to improve our approach, try out new strategies and find innovative solutions. Constant improvements of existing transport methods are part of our daily work routine – more information can be found in our study, which we carried out jointly with the Fraunhofer Institute. It confirms our role as a pioneer in this field – please read more here.

Uncomplicated rail transport for greener freight transport

This is where our core competencies come into play: no matter how complex your transport project is, no matter where the journey heads and no matter how complicated the path is: we offer our customers individual, one-stop solutions at a market-driven price.

The constant optimization of existing systems is not limited to technical innovations. New partnerships also offer new opportunities to make rail transport more efficient. This saves time and costs.

Social engagement at B&S Logistik

Transporting goods by rail has a positive effect on climate protection. But our social commitment also contributes to a better environment.  We have largely dispensed with company cars – instead our employees receive a public transport ticket sponsored by B & S Logistik.

Instead of making Christmas gifts, we decided that we would rather make donations of 10,000 euros a year. We are also socially active during the year, such as by donating blood as a group to the nearby blood donation centre in Vienna. 

In case you have further questions or would like to receive advice, please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.