Further information about the actual situation due to the spread of Covid-19

We would like to inform you that at the moment we do not have any restrictions in cross-border
railway transports and we do not expect any further critical measures. But the measures implemented
by governments can lead to delays and possibly to train cancellations.

Our partner railway operators as well as the railway infrastructures have reduced their personnel to the
minimum. This can lead to delays both when creating the schedules and to delays in the operation. For
example, the availability of loco drivers at the border stations can be restricted due to the cancellation
of passenger trains. Furthermore the border controls can lead to delays in railway traffic.
We and all our partner railway operators do everything to facilitate the goods transport as well
as possible and to minimize the related effects.
All delays/cancellations corresponding to the „Corona pandemic“ will at the Moment be classified as
“Force Majeure“.

Many thanks for your understanding of the Situation and we are confident about coping with the expected difficulties and contributing to the continuation of logistical activities.

For further questions, our whole B&S Logistik Team will be at your disposal.