News from B&S Logistik

B&S Logistik now organizes block trains to Bulgaria from Austria and the Czech Republic

B&S Logistik is breaking new ground in offering its customers complete solutions for the transport of pulpwood to Bulgaria. Every customer request is taken into account, […]

Optimization of the loading capacity for wood customers

The main aims of B&S Logistik are always to increase the profitability and the ecological friendliness of the transportation of goods. Consequently B&S Logistik has adopted […]

B&S Logistik strenghens the team with Michael Balzer and handles domestic block-train with innovative wagons

Since 17th of August Michael Balzer strenghens the Team of B&S Logistik GmbH. The new arrival is working since many years in the train business and […]

Further information about the actual situation due to the spread of Covid-19

We would like to inform you that at the moment we do not have any restrictions in cross-border railway transports and we do not expect any […]

Yearly donation of 10,000 euros for charitable organizations

Again at this time of year, we should like to make a sign of solidarity with our social contribution. Since 2013, we have each year donated […]

All aboard for ‘green logistics’: clean, simple and solution-oriented

Meeting the demand for warehouse logistics from regional customers is the core business of B & S Warehousing GmbH. The concept is based on an entirely […]

B&S Logistik is to remain a family firm

Lukas Leitgeb has joined the management as successor, confirming that B & S Logistik remains family-owned. Managing partner and company founder Walter Leitgeb is introducing his […]

B&S Warehousing GmbH broadens the services offered by the B&S Logistik Group

By founding B&S Warehousing, with business premises in Schwanenstadt, Upper Austria, the B&S Logistik Group has expanded the range of services it offers. The warehousing business, […]

B&S Logistik GmbH offers complete solutions from a single source

For questions of individual transport, where you need a partner who can take care of the entire logistics, you have come to the right address. Our […]

B&S Logistik GmbH sets the signals for the future

Walter Leitgeb is preparing gradually for his withdrawal: Manuela Prenner, Gerhard Gattinger and Martin Kausal are his successors. With the approaching semi-retirement of its leading partner, […]