New patent design by B&S Logistik makes it possible to transport oversized paper rolls by rail

B & S Logistik is one of Austria’s leading logistics companies in the field of storage and transport of paper by rail. Until now, transporting paper rolls with a size exceeding 2.45 metres (so-called “parent rolls”) was not possible, due to technical issues involved in safely securing the cargo. Such volumes had to be handled by road for lack of safe alternatives.So for this reason, B & S Logistik has developed its own special safety wedges that are suitable for transporting oversized paper rolls; these wedges can withstand all legal and product-specific requirements necessary for rail transport. Now these load securing wedges for the safe transport of oversized paper rolls by rail have been approved by both the Austrian and German patent offices. This makes B & S Logistik the sole provider offering transport of oversized paper rolls by rail. The wedges are able to withstand the longitudinal forces of 4G that arise during rail transport. In the design of the wedges, account has been taken of the various types of perforated plates found in different wagon types. Thus the wedges can be used for all common types of wagons used for transporting paper. Having been tested, the safety wedges are now approved for rail transport.