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B&S Logistik: the rail transport professionals

Reliable freight handling, thanks to our professional logistics managers 

Wherever the journey leads, our well-co-ordinated team of experienced experts ensures the smooth transport of your goods. Your load always gets safely to its destination ­- and all at a fair price.

As a transport business specialised in rail transport we have, over the course of the last decade, built up excellent contacts with both state and privately owned EVUs. That is just one of the reasons that we can offer our customers comprehensive and complete solutions. And it means rail transport can be arranged just as simply as road transport.

Environamentally friendly transport – with B&S Logistik

We organise the Transport of your consignment as simply as possible for you, taking your individual preferences into account. This is where our passion for the transport Business is really shows itself: to solve complex logistical challenges we think outside the box! We are happy to o that for our customers because we are always on the lookout for better alternatives and new solutions.

With our specialisation in rail transport, we want to organise a greener form of goods Transport, without involving you in an extra difficulty or expense. Rail transport generally consumes less energy, can convey a wide range of goods and is therefore more efficient and less damaging to the environment.

Deciding for rail transport means lower CO₂-emissions, lower cancer-linked fine paritcualtes and less nitrogen oxide in the air – an important contribution to climate protection.

Ship or barge transport also represents a mor environmentally friendly alternative to road transport. Heavy cargo can be conveyed with greater energy efficiency and lower CO₂-emissions.

Do you want to learn more about our commitment to green transport? Read more here.

Logistics too difficult? Never!

B&S Logistik  is your competent partner in all areas of transport. We are happy to take on your entire logistical needs, Event with supposedly difficult loads. We take care of the handling and ensure uncomplicated door-to-door transport.  The many years of experience and the competence of our colleagues  allows them to carry out even seemingly impossible orders – because they have the know-how. 

As a solution-oriented logstics service provider, we always choose the optimal, not the simplest way. This means we can cuarantee maximum safety, reliability and Efficiency when transporting your cargo!

We are hapyy to advice you on any area of logistics. No matter how tricky the transport of your goods appears to you, you can rely on the specialists of B&S Logistik. Contact.