Even faster: how we optimised a route

With the right partner you can easily achieve something new: since January 2018 our route for Papierholz Austria GmbH has been accelerated, simplified and improved in punctuality. Our new concept avoids a three-hour wait on the border by using a Czech Vectron engine of CD Cargo with an Austrian licence, together with staff from the WLC (Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo or Vienna Local Rail Cargo), which means no change of locomotive is needed any more. Thus, an 18-wagon train loaded with 1,300 tonnes of paper woodchips in containers can make its way as fast as possible from Zdirec Nad Coubravov to Gratkorn in Styria and into the Sappi Paper Factory.

Existing systems may often be good but we are always looking for ways to optimise them. We are happy that, together with CD Cargo and WLC, we have been able to develop this highly efficient transport solution.

The complete press release can be read here: http://www.oevz.com/news/hocheffiziente-bahnlogistik-fuer-papierholz-austria/