B&S Logistik is to remain a family firm

Lukas Leitgeb has joined the management as successor, confirming that B & S Logistik remains family-owned.

Managing partner and company founder Walter Leitgeb is introducing his son, Lukas Leitgeb Msc, into the firm as his eventual successor. During June, the logistics expert will be getting to know how the company works and sharing control. Lukas Leitgeb brings not only a sound training in logistics but also professional experience of the field to the company. Walter Leitgeb will retire from the business over the next three years and hand over the leadership to his son. There is strong support from the current management and the authorized signatories, Gerhard Gattinger, Martin Kausal and Manuela Prenner. The Vienna-based freight forwarding company, which is well-established in the market and specializes in rail logistics, will remain true to its core values of prioritizing quality of service to its customers. By maintaining its status as a family-run business, customers can rely on personal and qualified support for its logistics concepts.