Our goal

We at B&S Logistik are dedicated to meeting your transport needs in the smartest possible way

For us, it’s all about one thing: offering our clients from industry, trade and manufacturing a completely new level of service quality. Uncomplicated, environmentally-friendly, solution-oriented, punctual and reliable – that’s us! So welcome to B&S Logistik, your first point of contact when it comes to logistics.

Our team has been working for over ten years to build up and expand its expertise in logistics. We’re distinguished not only through our long experience as a logistics service provider, but most of all through our specialisation in rail transport across the whole of Europe and the CIS area, as well as Ukraine

Simple and uncomplicated: moving goods with B&S Logistik

We fit perfectly into the logistical chain, in the sense that we take over all your transport handling needs. As a professional logistics service provider we ensure that you need to have little or no involvement with the complex matter of logistics. Instead you can concentrate on the core of your business.

The know-how of our colleagues is the key to our success as a logistics company. From knowing the technical parameters and legal issues of the destination country, through to having an-depth understanding of local conditions, we possess detailed market and sector knowledge and thus can always find a solution

Also fundamental is our knowledge of the respective country languages. That’s why we place importance on having native speakers who also have the best understanding of logistics. And so making offers and handling transport whether in English, Slovakian, Czech, Rumanian, Russian and Italian, is just part of our daily routine.

With B&S Logistik you need not worry about anything. We take upon ourselves the complete organisation of transport, the procurement of both standard- and wide-gauge wagons, as well as the origination of documents and customs declarations.


News from B&S Logistik

B&S Logistik now organizes block trains to Bulgaria from Austria and the Czech Republic

B&S Logistik is breaking new ground in offering its customers complete solutions for the transport of pulpwood to Bulgaria. Every customer request is taken into account, […]

Optimization of the loading capacity for wood customers

The main aims of B&S Logistik are always to increase the profitability and the ecological friendliness of the transportation of goods. Consequently B&S Logistik has adopted […]

B&S Logistik strenghens the team with Michael Balzer and handles domestic block-train with innovative wagons

Since 17th of August Michael Balzer strenghens the Team of B&S Logistik GmbH. The new arrival is working since many years in the train business and […]

Environmentally sound transport: your specialist in rail transport

Our goal is to make rail transport as smooth to arrange as road transport. With locations in Vienna, Salzburg and Bratislava, we are best equipped to get your goods quickly and safely to their destination.

Through our focus on rail transport we move traffic from the road to the rail track. By doing that we make an important contribution to protecting the environment and help other companies to meet their required goals for certification.

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